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We are the right partner to help you reduce emissions from your business, manufacturing sites and office buildings across Europe and overseas. GOs (RECs) from renewable energy installations in Spain. Following AIB standards.

our service at gdosolar, from producers, export, to delivery to end consumer

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Our services

Our role is to act as an intermediary between renewable energy producers in Spain and European companies wishing to use clean energy.

We offer services of management, issuance, export and transfer of guarantees of origin to ensure that our clients can demonstrate the renewable origin of their electricity.

Our goal is to help promote the use of renewable energy and support the transition to a more sustainable economy.

What are GOs?

Guarantees of Origin (GOs) are a possibility for companies to decrease their carbon footprint. GOs track the source of power generated and qualify them as renewable energy sources. 1 GO = 1,000 kWh of solar energy generated.

Buying GOs sends a signal to the market that a company prefers to consume renewable energy. Attract more customers, employees and investors, consider going green by acquiring GOs.

our service at gdosolar, from producers, export, to delivery to end consumer

1. Change how energy is utilized and transition to less carbon-intensive solutions.

2. Reduce emissions in a cost-effective way, meet your country targets and obligations.

3. Achieve your own sustainability goals.

4. Demonstrate to clients, business associates, and investors that you are climate and future conscious.

5. Remain or become a supplier to businesses that have imposed carbon footprint limits for their suppliers.

Our own platform

Our own trading platform, to ease the portfolio management is at development stage.

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